Specialized Filling Transfer Equipment

Filling Transfer

This multi-station specialized transfer system precisely transfers batch storage units (black plastic cans) along a predetermined route while product-filling equipment (supplied by others) transfers a precise amount of various product into the storage unit.

Each filling station is fitted with a weigh scale and an RFID reader.

The storage units are serialized with an RFID chip and are monitored as they progress through the system.

After filling is complete, the final weight is verified with the system and if weight is correct, allowed to pass onto a mobile cart for manual movement into the production area.


Specialized Filling Transfer Equipment Video

Multi-Line Assembly Conveyor System

Assembly Conveyor

This manufacturing facility assembly conveyor system has almost a mile of pallet conveyor allowing for assembly, testing, packaging, and sorting of the product.

The system has multiple transfer-carts, 14 vertical-lifts, an elevated main line where product is consolidated after packaging, and a sortation system.

Once at the sortation area, product is sorted to lanes based on shipping details.


Multi-Line Assembly Conveyor System Video

Robotic Visual Inspection System

Robotic Visual Inspection

This system uses a 6-axis Fanuc LR Mate 200i to manipulate a turbine housing through an inspection and marking process.

The customer is a remanufacturer and has the need to inspect and serialize turbine components as they come in as cores in the remanufacturing process.

Using a combination of vision, laser measurement, and laser marking; the component is rigorously inspected and serialized upon successful completion of the inspection process.


Robotic Visual Inspection System Video

Manufacturing Material Handling Cell

Manufacturing Material Handling Cell

This multi-tasking Robotic System unloads 2 separate products from incoming pallets, handles the empty pallets, palletizes finished product, and handles finished product pallets and tier sheets.

Handling a multitude of tasks in one cell can create a ROI that allows a project to be feasible; versus when approached as separate projects, the ROI may not make sense.

Integrated Solutions uses creative and innovative approaches to difficult ROI projects, oftentimes allowing a project to gain traction that would not otherwise.


Manufacturing Material Handling Cell Video